• Testimonials

    Learn more about what our amazing graduates are up to now and how training has helped them in their work. 

    Hear Maholy Ravaloharimanitra, a DESMAN 2017 graduate, as she explains why a Rapid Action Grant from the IUCN Save Our Species project has helped continue the vital conservation work she leads at the Aspinall Foundation Madagascar and SOS . Despite the numerous challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such funding will ensure years of hard work also invested by the SOS Lemurs Initiative is not so rapidly undone. 



    The Khaire's “Watch two generations of DESMAN students, Anil and Tejas Khaire (1992 & 2016) discuss their participation at the Durrell Conservation Academy”



    Ex graduate Ivan Lozano Ortega talks about the Bioparque Reserva he founded in Colombia



    Watch Diogo Lagroteria, DESMAN 2015, discuss the affect training at Durrell has had on his work with Pied tamarins in Brazil



    “Watch how Ivan Lozano Ortega, DESMAN student 1999 is working to eradicate illegal international frog trafficking in Colombia”.



    • DESMAN 2020 graduate, Viniscius Alves Perreira, reports on his exciting new role with the Institute of Ecological Research. 

      Vini's work largely includes the conservation of the Black lion tamarins, a major project being the installation of safe sleeping for the tamarins. 

      Vini will work closely with Gabi Rezende, who has also excelled in here career after her training with Durrell Conservation Training Academy. 



      Vini holding a black lion tamarin

      Recording of the coverage area of Morro do Diabo State Park from the peak of the hill. Threatened animals such as the black tamarin, the jaguar and the tapir occur in this area.