• Awards and Achievements

    We take great pride in the achievements of our graduates, the results of their hard work and determination to succeed is outstanding
    • 2021 Photo Competition

      In January 2021, Durrell Conservation Academy launched its first ever photo competition for our globally spread network of course Alumni, the theme being ‘Conservation in Action!’ We wanted to encapsulate the wide variety of conservation work Alumni are currently involved with and see how they have truly put their training into action. Choosing a finalist was not easy! After much thought, Mustafa Hassanali, was awarded first place for his photo illustrating his work with village game scouts (VGS) in Tanzania, where they employ SMART technology to assist vital conservation programmes, particularly those related to the illegal wildlife trade. 

      Village Scouts learn how to use SMART technology

      “I am delighted that my photo has been chosen as the winner because a moment was captured in this photo showing teamwork with the local community to achieve conservation goals."

      Winning Photo: Left.
      Second photo entered: Below right.

      Patrol work for illegal trade in Tanzania

      Why these were the winning shots: 

      We loved the story behind the winning photo as it draws together different cultures, ages and educational backgrounds, united by one cause: promoting and improving conservation programmes throughout Tanzania. Mustafa provides training to VGS as well as tour operators, in the use of SMART software, and provides vital technical assistance in SMART and GIS to local conservation organisations.

      Mustafa used the winning prize money to buy three bikes for the VGS. Why? So that they can cover more ground and collect vital conservation data to support anti-poaching activities. We’re delighted to see these classy new bikes already being put to excellent use by their owners.

      VGS with one of the new bikes out on patrol with the new bikes

      Mustafa's Story: 

    • The Shortlist: runners up of the photographic competition 

      Short list of the photo competition entries

      We are not sure who enjoyed the competition more - the Academy or the Alumni! The opportunity to see so many graduates at work was wonderful. Mustafa won first prize, but additional finalists included:   

      Mukhlisin Abdullah, Sumatra Mukhlisin

      Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) and Durrell Endangered 

      Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN)  

      Photo explanation: 'As a captive orangutan, dependence on humans is still needed, including when it will be released back into the wild. Some orangutans are separated from their mothers too quickly when hunted and kept for a long time by humans lose some of their wild behavior and lack confidence in the forest. At the Forest School facility, staff at Jantho Station work to help teach orangutans to be independent while in the forest. Photo taken by Khalidin (Jantho orangutan reintroduction staff)

      Ebammi Ehawe Loveline

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